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          Give someone vision

          We rise by lifting others

          Increase mobile and online donations, with our cloud-based fundraising software and charity app.

          We add more value to each donation.

          Need Response

          Caring about others
          brings happiness!

          Set up a monthly gift today.

          make a difference year around!

          Our goal is to raise $1 billion dollars by 2023.

          $230M pledged of $1,000,000,000

          Our Vision

          A choice that makes a difference


          All in one solution for donors and donees

          Custom built for non profit organizations

          Build custom campaigns and receive funding in two business days, with the real-time dashboard that tracks every donation.

          We promise to be transparent and accountable

          Access to plete platform with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing .
          No Contract ,No Monthly fee , No Hidden fees.

          More donors than your current network

          Connect to more donors: grow your donor base with WERBYLO, at no extra cost. Get your organization app and QR code now!

          Why Werbylo ?

          Our Achievements

          We provide vital
          help to people

          A wonderful platform built and developed with love in hopes of achieving a big vision.

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          Charities & Nonprofit Organizations


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          Werbylo's Team

          We are passionate about our work, driven to exceed expectations, and always put our customers first.?

          We take care of our team!

          Phillip Argyropoulos

          VP of Customer Success

          Ella Peters-Ludwig

          Customer Success Rep

          Our Team

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          No monthly fees & no contracts

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          Werbylo is a wonderful organization, it’s the best online fundraising application we have ever seen, it helped us meet the needs to our munity. Our Church administrative staff loves how easy the donation software works.

          Mosa Arminov Director

          COVID hurt our fundraising but now I feel confident our online fundraising software can meet our organizations needs

          Kim Uighta Owner

          Our Non profit organization searched for better cost effective online fundraising options, easy to use and, analytics give use better insights of donors and donations, Thankfully we found Werbylo.

          Zeniabb Bloutickie President

            What our customers are saying about us


            See the results of our customer satisfaction survey and key customer testimonials of strong working relationships, our ability to meet individual needs and our market knowledge.

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            latest fundraising trends, get access to proven free fundraising ideas and crowdfunding resources.

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            Why You Should Use Werbylo’s Church Giving Platform?

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            Reason To Raise Money For Charities To Donate To In Canada

            Reason To Raise Money For Charities To Donate To In Canada

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            Every child deserves
            a strong start

            Change the life of a child

            Interested in Being
            a Sponsor?

            About Us

            Werbylo is a cloud-based solution for nonprofits, churches and religious organizations. 

            We rise by lifting others.

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